Nestled alongside the Rogue River in Eagle Point, Oregon lies the famous privately held Harding Ave Cultural and Uplift Society Compound.

You and yours are invited to attend anytime during the week of July 4th, for the "Triple Final (Cross My Heart Hope to Die, Stick a Needle in My Eye), Harding Round-Up! Where nothing but love, fun, laughter, and adventure await you.

So grab your teeth, round up a toupee, saddle on them depends, bring the youngins, and step back in time to simpler years when your biggest worry was missing out on hanging out... Wait, was it hanging out or was it loosing a ball to Edna? Or was it getting picked to be on Jim Andel’s basket team then realizing you really were a weasel because Jim only picked the weasels.

Well, whatever it was, we sure look forward to sharing those days again. Hope to see you on the compound!

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